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Booni Box

Sprout Pencils

Sprout Pencils

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Sprout Pencils, the perfect blend of fun and eco-consciousness for colleagues. Each pencil contains a seed capsule at the end, allowing users to plant them once they're too short to write with. Watch as your pencils transform into herbs, flowers, or vegetables, adding a touch of greenery to any workspace. Encourage camaraderie and environmental stewardship as colleagues nurture their sprouting plants together. With Sprout Pencils, every stroke is a step towards a greener future, making workdays more enjoyable and meaningful for all.

Pack of 8.

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Make a difference.

A Booni Box isn’t just a gift; it’s a powerful testament to championing sustainable, mission-driven, and eco-friendly values. By choosing a Booni Box, you’re actively supporting independent brands and charitable organisations dedicated to making a positive impact.

  • Charitable Donations

    Each Booni Box purchase supports grassroots initiatives worldwide, with a focus on education and empowerment programmes.

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    Items within a Booni Box are crafted by small, family-owned, and independent brands that prioritise sustainability in their practices.

  • Eco-Friendly

    The majority of our products are plastic-free and fully recyclable. Whenever feasible, we prioritise brands with zero plastic packaging and utilise recycled materials.

  • Social Enterprise

    Social enterprises operate with a dual mission: to pursue both social or environmental goals while generating profit.

  • Wholesome experience

    We carefully select gifts that complement each other, providing a meaningful gifting experience. Our aim is to fill each gift to the brim, ensuring a lasting and significant impact.