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Eco-friendly, sustainable & meaningful gifts that give back.

Impact gifting is the way forward. Explore our collection of unique corporate gifts or create your own. Free UK delivery & every Booni Box makes a net positive impact.

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Every Booni Box makes an impact

Beyond our "1 Box, 1 Tree" initiative, we offset carbon emissions through strategic afforestation projects, raise funds for life-changing projects and support grassroots organisations through profit donations and charity partners.

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Drive meaningful change with conscious gifting, support environmental and social initiatives one box at a time.

  • With their work on social impact, this is a business worthy of great support. Will absolutely use Booni Box again and I can’t recommend them highly enough!

    - Rathbones

  • The team were an absolute pleasure to work with and I can’t thank them enough!

    - Blue Prism

  • It’s a fabulous mix of snacks and goodies that I’m already hiding from my husband.The packaging was awesome!

    - PayPal UK

  • Now, that’s a gift! What an amazing surprise!! Highly recommended and so good to find a simple solution that gives back!

    - Kroll

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