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Booni Box

Social Variety Booni Box

Social Variety Booni Box

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Sweet or Salty?

Our most popular gift set since 2014 has been the Social Variety Gift Box. This gift set boasts an array of delectable food, refreshing drinks, and rejuvenating well-being products sourced from social enterprises. What sets it apart is the element of surprise; each Booni Box is uniquely curated, ensuring a distinctive experience with every unboxing.

From tantalising treats to soul-nourishing essentials, it's a thoughtful gesture that resonates beyond the ordinary. Make a lasting impression by choosing the Social Variety Booni Box, where every recipient receives a bespoke journey of flavours and delights, all while supporting positive social impact initiatives.

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  • The Contents

    Our gift sets feature 10 diverse items crafted by global social enterprises, housed in a luxurious white recycled magnetic box. We adapt the selection based on seasons or our current supported projects, ensuring every box is a delightful surprise.

  • The Impact

    The Social Variety Gift Box is our top fundraiser, maximising impact for partner projects. With each purchase, £2.50 goes directly to our latest charity partner, advancing our mission to raise awareness and funds for meaningful causes.

  • Did You Know

    In every Booni Box we'll include a Did You Know card letting them know about the brands and overall impact they're a part of. Making every Booni Box unboxing experience meaningful and wholesome!

  • Delivery Information

    Orders placed before 12pm will be shipped the same day with Royal Mail 48 hour tracked at no extra cost. Tracking will become available shortly after checkout.

  • International shipping

    We do ship across the globe, please get in touch with us at to get a quote and lead time.

  • Bulk Orders

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Make a difference.

A Booni Box isn’t just a gift; it’s a powerful testament to championing sustainable, mission-driven, and eco-friendly values. By choosing a Booni Box, you’re actively supporting independent brands and charitable organisations dedicated to making a positive impact.

  • Charitable Donations

    Each Booni Box purchase supports grassroots initiatives worldwide, with a focus on education and empowerment programmes.

  • Small Businesses

    Items within a Booni Box are crafted by small, family-owned, and independent brands that prioritise sustainability in their practices.

  • Eco-Friendly

    The majority of our products are plastic-free and fully recyclable. Whenever feasible, we prioritise brands with zero plastic packaging and utilise recycled materials.

  • Social Enterprise

    Social enterprises operate with a dual mission: to pursue both social or environmental goals while generating profit.

  • Wholesome experience

    We carefully select gifts that complement each other, providing a meaningful gifting experience. Our aim is to fill each gift to the brim, ensuring a lasting and significant impact.